Garden and House Lighting

Led Brick UK is a specialist in low power and energy-saving lighting systems, for house and garden. 
We are proud to be a distributor of "LedBruk". All our products look great and are highly functional and durable. 
Our top-spec lighting is RGB+W technology. Which gives you perfect illumination and decoration for driveways, garden footpaths, walls, garages, and terraces. 
RGB+W technology makes our product unique on the market and provides an unlimited range of colors combined with bright white light.

Our product, your imagination - means perfect combination.

Luminous Paving Stone LED 12V

Check our range of Led Paving stones. 

Garden Lamp LED 12V

Check our range of Led Garden Lamps.

LED Line Lights 12V

Check our range of Led Line Lights

LED Driveway Lights 12V

Check our range of Driveway Lights

LED Stone 12V

Check our range of LED Stone 12V


Check our range of Accessories

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